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mealworm scare

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I threw a three loose mealies in Syvlie's cage & one in her dish. I woke her up to eat them (I'm going out for the evening and wanted to check on her before).

She stepped her front legs out of her hut & proceeded to gobble loose mealie #1. She then went to her food dish & ate a bunch of food & the mealie (she knows to eat supper before dessert ;) ). She then realized a mealie was crawling by her front paw right next to her food dish & gobbled it up. As this was happening the last free mealie was also moving under her & began to crawl over her foot. Instead of eating the mealie, Sylvie got scared & ran back into her hut & puffed up! :lol: Silly hedgie got scared by a mealworm.
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Lol that's cute :lol:
Imagine if we were scared by our food.
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