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mealie Q

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i cant get tweasal to be interested in mealies at all he wants nothing to do with them, so i was wondering what u guys think i should do and can i leave mealies out in his bowl because right now im trying to hand feed them to him he normally takes a few pieces of kibble from my hand but he wont even do that at the moment or do they turn into some sort of bug like a butterfly does? i really dnt want creepy beetles or something scurrying about, how does everyone feed their hedgies mealies ?
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sunshinequill said:
ok...this is going to sound and be REALLY gross, but if you break a live mealie in half, and take some of the gooey guts and put them on his nose, he'll lick his nose and be all like..."YUMMMY! Mealie candy!"
it does sound gross but ill give it a try and report back =]
i really hope it works i would hate to have to buy tons of bugs to find what he might lik he soo picky !
so i cut them in half n rubbed on nose and even cut a few in half and put them in his bowl over night and nothing ill give the butter worms a try next week for right now im going to continue trying the mealies. i dnt think the butter worms will be hard to find there are exotic pet stores all over this town lol
update..no such luck with butter worms wont go near them. but it seems ive had some luck with crickets not alive but canned "can 'o crickets" by zoo med tweasal took a bite i think by accident and took a liking to the first one after 2days he had eaten more than half but it dried so i replaced with fresh one but now has no interest in eating them..this lil guy is pickier than a super model lol ill give him some time and if nothing maybe try another insect ina wk
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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