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mealie Q

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i cant get tweasal to be interested in mealies at all he wants nothing to do with them, so i was wondering what u guys think i should do and can i leave mealies out in his bowl because right now im trying to hand feed them to him he normally takes a few pieces of kibble from my hand but he wont even do that at the moment or do they turn into some sort of bug like a butterfly does? i really dnt want creepy beetles or something scurrying about, how does everyone feed their hedgies mealies ?
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I put my mealies in a separate container. It's a hard plastic cup, probably a salad dressing cup from a restaurant (I didn't steal it, someone else did). The mealies don't see to be able to grip the plastic so they can't get out. A couple times at the beginning, he knocked the cup over and a mealie got loose in the cage. I found them when I changed the liner.

Now, he doesn't let them live that long. That's where I put new veggies/fruit for him to try.

When I first got him to eat them, I held that cup under his nose while holding him. He sniffed at them a bit and then suddenly scarfed them down.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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