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Hi everyone :)

like Mika i am a Canadian Breeder and i would like your opinion on my hedgies colors :D

Capucine 2years old (algerian grey is that right ???)

Éléonore 2years old(i know she is albinos hihi)

Saphira 2years old (algerian chocolat high pinto ?)

Myrtille 1year old (gray ?)

Charlemagne 1year old (algerian chocolat chip ?)

Naima 1year old (algerian pale apricot or apricot ?)

Kalina 1year old (algerian brown ? she is snowflake now!)

Brownie 1year old (algerian chocolat ? she is snowflake to now!)

Shooter 10month (algerian dark gray or gray ? he is a bit snowflake to now!)

Soraya 7month (algerian chocolat high pinto ?)

Roméo 7month (algerian brown snowflake high pinto ?)

Edward 5month (dont know ???)

Misty 6month (algerian dark cinnicot pinto ?)

Bella 4month (algerian dark gray ?)

Alys 4month (dont know ???)

Nessie 4month (champagne snowflake pinto ?)

Tazz 2month (dont know ???)

Angel 6weeks old( i think she is albinos but her skin is not pink it like pink/grey :roll: )

Kyana 3month (algerian chocolat high pinto ?)

Jasper 3month (algerian cinnamon ?)

thank a lot :D

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i know i do but i love them all :D

Capucine,Eleonore and Saphira are 2 years old ;)

Myrtille,Charlemagne,Naima,Kalina and Brownie are 1year old ;)

Shooter is 10month old ;)

Soraya and Romeo are 7month old ;)

Misty is 6month old ;)

Edward is 5month old ;)

Alys,Bella and Nessie are 4month old ;)

Kyana and Jasper are 3month old ;)

Tazz is 2month old ;)

Angel is 6weeks old ;)

there you go sorry i forgot to tell :D

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Ok The IHA doesn't recognize anything "high" as a color description.
So here we go:
Capucine - Algerian Chocolate
Elonore - Albino
Saphira - Algerian Chocolate Pinto
Myrtille - White-Bellied Grey
Charlamagne - Algerian Brown Snowflake
Naima - Algerian Apricot
Kalina - Algerian Brown
Brownie - Algerian Chocolate
Shooter - Algerian Chocolate
Soraya - Algerian Chocolate Pinto
Romeo - Algerian Brown Pinto
Edward - Algerian Chocolate
Misty - Algerian Brown

Alys - Algerian Grey

Kyana - Algerian Chocolate Pinto

After conferring With Bryan these changes need to be made

Bella is an Algerian Dark Grey
Nessie is an Algerian Champagne Snowflake Pinto
And Jasper is a rare one indeed. He is an Algerian Dark Cinnacot

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thank a lot reaper :D

are you sure about all the color cause some are snowflake ill try to get more picture :D

so some color need to be change in my registry hihi :p

thank again :D

for Angel and Tazz i will wait ;) do you know how much time it could took to se if Angel is albinos or pale abricot snowflake :?:

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If Reaper conferred with Bryan, THOSE are the correct colors that Reaper listed! You may register a hog at 9 weeks as one color, but they can snowflake or go white as they get 6 months to 1 yr. The grays and dark grays all fade with age and end up looking like chocolates.

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They ALL fade with age towards chocolate. So the darker hogs get lighter and the lighter hogs get darker. And as they get older the color banding is not as defined and tends to "wash out" or "fade". They don't actually change colors but the tint and overall look of the hedgie changes with age. Just as our hair color or any animals hair color changes with age so do our hedgies quills and hair. Quills are modified hairs so it makes perfect sense that they change slightly with age. The best time to see a hedgies color is about 1 year of age. All of the changes such as "flaking" or quills turning white, and all of the quilling is over. Also the color bands are crisp and vibrant. After 1 year they will start to "fade" but it is barely noticeable. After 2 years of age you can really see the difference. So if you take good white light (not nasty "soft white" which is yellow) pictures of your hedgie over time you will see how apparent and subtle the change is. Of course this is just they way it is and they remain beautiful and lovable no matter what their age or color.

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thank a lot Reaper for the precisions :D i will make the change in my registry ;) i was pretty sure that Jasper was cinnamon :lol: i didnt know that algerian dark cinnacot was rare :shock:

thank to you to hedgiepets :D
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