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Marrow's New Home

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Marrow, my new little hedgehog friend, just came into my life 4 days ago. He is 2 months old. It seems that he is sleeping the majority of the day. I know that baby hedgehogs sleep a lot of the day (just like a human baby) but I am kind of confused. The first day I had him here, he was running around his cage and being very curious and being super cute. Now, he just seems to want to sleep all day. I was wondering if this is normal? Anyone? I kind of want to put a mealworm outside to get him to come out and play, but I read that you should wait a little bit to introduce treats (after you bring him/her home) to them to make sure they are accepting the diet. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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I have been giving him space so he can get use to his surroundings. Very soon (probably today or tomorrow) I will start to take him out and put him on my lap and play outside his cage. (even though he can get in and out of his cage using the ramp I made for him) And yes, he often wakes me up RIGHT at 9:10 AM when he eats and runs around a little bit and drinks his water, it is amazing how it is like clockwork at that time everyday. The temperature in our house goes from 73 to 75. But, if he feels cold, he has his house that he can go into and cuddle with a fluffy bed I put in there, and a sleeve from one of my t-shirts I wore to get my scent on it.(for him to get familiar with it)

I am going to start playing with him more so he knows I love him and can let out some of the energy.

Thanks everyone for the help!
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