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One of my babies that came back to me due to owner allergies sent his cage with him. This is one of the few cages that I have never tried before and it is a great cage.

Having both the front and large top door make it very user friendly. It is tall enough for even the cake wheels and provides lots of space for hedgie. A ceramic heat emitter attaches nicely to the large top door and the door is still usable even with the emitter attached.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble for travel.

- front and top doors
- lots of space
- secure door fasteners
- secure to keep hedgie in and other pets out
- high plastic sides to help prevent climbing

- none that I can see so far

[attachment=0:3gwhntwn]Marchiorio cage.jpg[/attachment:3gwhntwn]


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I love this cage, I have the Marchioro Tommy 120 cage, it's 48 x 22.

I got it when I picked up my hedgehog at her breeder, Gail Dick in Ohio. Gail also sells hedgie supplies and calls this the "hedgie palace".

It's huge, easy to clean, holds the CSW and is easy to heat. (I have 2 CHEs)

Of course Nara is a princess and has to have her palace! :D

I have seen them priced anywhere from $60 to over $100. I have seen them at some of the larger pet stores. I also have seen that shipping can just about double the price of this cage, so shop around.


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I have both the 102 and 120... have had them for several years now. Overall positive review for each mirror those already posted. So I'll confine myself to a comparison between the two:

102 better than the 120:
- less to clean
- less expensive to outfit with fleece liners
- easier to put a night vision baby monitor and see the whole cage... it's harder for hedgie to "hide" alongside the plastic sidewall where the camera is located, can see into the igloo better
- takes up less of a footprint on the table
- can more easily pick up a hedgie who has run to the far corner
- only needs one CHE lamp & emitter

120 better than the 102:
- can slide CHE lamps to either side so they can remain on top of the cage when opening the top door... you don't have to set them somewhere else and risk burning your carpet, chair, etc... and reducing heat output to the cage whilst the CHE's are positioned elsewhere
- more room to place hedgie accessories
- larger top door through which to place wheel
- can accommodate larger (taller) wheels
- two doors in front; each opening is larger than the front opening for the 102... easier to slide an igloo through
- taller plastic bottom discourages bar climbing a touch more... climbing was/is not a huge issue with either cage... may be a special case: Texie was mommy's little gymnast (among other things)
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