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well i have had theo for... 4 months and counting. hes been doing great and everything but i have been noticing a few minor things lately that i think i should mention... i dont know if it is actually anything, but it cant hurt to ask. well, theo will sneeze occasionally, about twice every time i take him out or so, but as far as i can tell, he doesnt have a runny nose or any discharge. although, i have noticed that right after i wake him up and he is right next to my ear, he sounds a little congested - like hes trying to blow water out of his nose almost. but then after about 20 seconds he will stop and sound perfectly normal.
okay, second thing. he quilled recently, (now 6 months old) and his skin is VERY dry. he only loses quills occasionally, but when i picked one up today i saw that it had a little glob of skin on the end. i tried to pick it off with my fingernail, but it was a little difficult. only after i gave him a flax oil bath did i read that in case he has a fungal infection that you shouldnt put oil on their backs because it could trap in bacteria, (oops!!!) so i feel kind of bad about that.
last thing. directly after the bath, he pooped a really really dark green (almost black looking
) extremely slimey, sticky poop. the best thing i could chalk that up to is stress, because i also clipped his nails tonight. thanks for anyones help. i just want the best for my little guy.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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