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Hedgies can still have Upper Respiratory infections even if they have no sign of a runny nose, because a lot of them will lick it up before you'll even notice. I would take him in to see a vet, especially if he hasn't seen one yet, and ESPECIALLY if you think he sounds congested. Congestion and normal hedgie snuffling sounds can be hard to distinguish, but as the owner I am trusting you probably know the difference between the 2. And if you don't, it is better safe than sorry, URI's can kill, quickly too.

The dry skin could just be that, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to have an experienced vet take a look. That way you know that you can treat with flax oil and not worry about making it worse.

Black and tarry = bad. It means there's internal bleeding and he needs a vet ASAP but I am hoping/assuming it was just really dark green which means stress or tummy issues...hard to say but it's probably stress.

I am just going to go with my first instinct here, go see a vet. It'll be a one-visit charge and you hopefully will get everything checked out, fixed up and ease your mind.

We can give you advice on here, but without physically SEEING your hedgie, we can't guarentee he's not sick. You as the owner KNOW your hedgie and if you feel there's something wrong, chances are there probably is.

Hope this helps :)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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