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Making a wheel heavier?

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So right now I have a homemade bucket wheel and it's working out splendidly except... when Turbo gets really excited and runs really fast, the wheel actually moves across the cage. It only goes a few inches before it hits a wall, but then it proceeds to bang against the side and make a really loud thumping noise until I move it. This is very annoying for me at 4 am.

I was thinking if I filled the base of the wheel with something it would be heavier and not slide around, but I don't know what to fill it with? Any ideas?
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Any ideas for making a Comfort Wheel heavier? I was thinking about using a small piece of tile or something to attach to the base. Any other options? Not really sure what to use. Little Hitch is getting bigger by the day and most mornings I find the wheel wedged against the side of the cage.

Not using a cage per say.. using a rabbit type pen that has curved sides therefore I couldn' t really tie the wheel to the side (plastic all around except for the cover). As for the idea of melting holes into the bottom of the plastic; I am not sure I would do that.

I was thinking I could get a little tile or brick and drill a hole thru that and attached it to the bottom of the stand of the wheel. Perhaps I could get a little ceramic pipe or something to attach to the back of the wheel.. hummm....

I will keep ya posted...

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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