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Make my own food?

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Hello again :)

So, being concerned about Thursday's diet (his skin is rather dry, and I've spotted no mites, so I wanted to check into his diet to see if it needs a change) I asked his previous owner (to recap from my question about what wheel I should get for him, he's four months old and I rescued him from someone who couldn't keep him any more, along with all of the things they already had for him, which didn't include a wheel, but did food) I asked his previous owner what type of food they were giving him.

I was shocked when she said "I don't know, really, just some food we got out of a machine at the pet store."

Poor little guy! I can't imagine this food is any good for him whatsoever. No wonder he looks a little pekid with his dry skin and such!

So, here is my question: is there any sort of food that I might be able to make myself for him, by combining different ingredients, that will be a sort of "rescue food" for him, to nurse his poor system into getting what it actually needs?

Let me know what I should do for the poor guy... obviously he needs better nutrition!


A worried hedgie mom
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ThursdaysGirl said:
Are there any other supplements, or other such things I could give him that anyone knows of?
Putting some flax seed oil on his food sometimes (I use it once a week) should help with the dry skin.
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