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There are currently several excellent mail-lists that you can join to learn more about hedgehogs. Most if not all have expert breeders as well as hobbyists and pet owners on board.

Here is a short (and by no means complete) list of those found on Yahoo Groups:


This is a forum for pet owners, hobbyists and serious breeders of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. Discussions regarding health, general care, nutrition, breeding, colours and all similar related topics are found here. For those interested in serious, detailed hedgehog topics, this is the list for you. This is currently the largest hedgehog list on the Internet.


This list was started for new breeders to get information and help from seasoned breeders 24 hour a day.


Greetings and welcome to HedgehogWorld, a list dedicated to hedgehogs and their people. This list is here for us to discuss proper care, handling, breeding, rescues, showing, and all things hedgehog. It's also a great place to post information on hedgie related items you sell or have seen, hedgehogs for sale, fundraisers to help support hedgehog rescue or research, and the occasional important or fun off topic things you just want to share with your friends. So if you want to learn more about ...


This is a place for all hedgehog owners to ask questions, get advice, tell stories. Practically anything to do with hedgies! Hope to hear from you soon!


Alaskan hedgehog lovers unite! Meetings and shows are done in the lower 48 -- we would like to have some here too. This list is for people interested in purchasing, getting information, or just chatting about


Lake Erie Area Hedgehog Society mailing list for club information. Hedgehog information in the Lake Erie Area, including care seminars offered and rescue.


We're a group of hedgehog lovers in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. Hedgehogs (and their slaves!) from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and surrounding states are welcome to join us for get-togethers, hedgie talk, etc. We have a sort of hedgehog food co-op, as well, so we can buy in bulk and save costs. Drop in and give us a visit!
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