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Hi guys, on a quest to make Lottie's cage more interesting, I took to pinterest and stole this hedgehog ball pit dig box idea. (See pic attached) Lottie absolutely loves it. She has never been one for standard toys and much prefers to dig in her fleece and drag it around, so this is brilliant for her.

It's made of a plastic shoe box where I cut a hole out the front and sanded it down smooth and covered the edges. Then I filled it with a combination of different sized sponges and pom poms. I then hide a few treats in there, and Lottie will spend hours kicking all the sponge out and burying herself in it, and even dragging bits round her house back to her bed.

I'm so glad I have finally found something to keep her entertained besides her wheel!


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Nice digbox! :)

A word of caution for people who have hedgies that are mouthy or like to bite/chew/eat things - I wouldn't use sponge pieces in a digbox for those hedgies as they would be easy for hedgie to shred or bite pieces off & swallow, which can cause impaction.

Not saying it's a bad idea, but just something to keep in mind and make sure you know your hedgie's habits before you use. :) I'm glad it's working so well for Lottie!
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