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Hey folks,

First things first: Disclaimer
My idea is in no way aimed at reducing the community size of HHC. Nor is it to create a similar community based on HHC members. This site will not contain a community forum or active means of discussion.
I would like to list HHC as an affiliate and possibly direct linking to the HHC forums.
This is strictly non-profit, if any money is gained at any point ALL will be donated to hedgehog rescue organizations

A little about me
I'm a university student, majoring in software engineering. I enjoy being apart of communities, and contributing. I am also a hedgehog fan.

What I want to do
I want to create a website, that offers a fan site by several experienced, hedgehog inspired writers. This would include:
  • A hedgehog comic
  • Fictional and Non-Fictional articles
  • News hedgehog related
  • Large Photo and Video gallery
  • All other ideas are welcome

I like fan sites, and so far I have not found one that is strictly information. I pay for a very high quality server with unlimited bandwidth and space. Thus I have room for many other interest of mine such as this.

Other info
Example of other websites i have designed:
http://www.crashfive.com - my personal blog
http://www.vcat.crashfive.com - local paintball store clan website for an online video game

What would it be called?
When I found that this domain name was available I snatched it up.


Once we get a small team together and with the approval of the HHC administration team I would like to be direct affiliates to HHC, directly link to their forums and advertising their website.

  • Speak and write english well (grammar, etc)
  • Mature and trust worthy
  • Hedgie Love :D

There will be no reviewing by myself or anyone else. If you have an idea for an article write it and post it. I am leaving a large amount of trust in the writers. Also we will perform as a team, no hierarchy, everyone will be equal, no one gets veto power.


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You'll probably need to PM/e-mail the owner/creator of HHC for the advertising and such. It sounds like a good website idea though! :)

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tie-dye hedgie said:
You'll probably need to PM/e-mail the owner/creator of HHC for the advertising and such. It sounds like a good website idea though! :)
I intend to as soon as the site is up and running. Then I would like to work out something with the HHC administration.

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Erm k. I posted a reply to you the other day and it's not up yet. Just letting you know I'd probably be perfect to help. LOL! I've been a copywriter in advertising for some time now so I'm used to writing creatively. I loved your idea as I'm already sorta doing certain compartments of it! If you'd like to check out what I do....

I have a fanpage for my hog, Penelope Pickles, where I readily make "Snapshot Stories".

Here's a fun one: Penny's Trip Back To Africa

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1 ... 2583083404

I have a bunch of videos there too. Almost all stories of some kind.

I also have a blog going to entertain the masses called Boredom.No.Moredom. for the cubically oppressed.


And a writing portfolio at www.melissadesa.com

This sounds like an aammzingly fun project and I'd love to help if I could.

Thanks a bunch!
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