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Hello! I just joined the forum because my darling Harriet's wheel had a bright pink or light red tint to it last night. I didn't get any photos, unfortunately, and cleaned it off to see if it happens again. Today her wheel is unblemished, but that's not really a surprise because I don't think that's where she normally pees. Worried, I looked online for UTI symptoms and came up with loss of appetite and tiredness. I put in a little extra food yesterday, so it could just be that, but she didn't finish her meal and she's certainly been a lot less active in playtime for the last few days, so I'm freaking out. I've only had her for a month, and haven't taken her to the vet yet, as she seemed fit as a fiddle.

So, long story short, I need to find a local vet to get Harriet checked out, but haven't seen anything online about hedgie vets in my area. I'm looking for one in Austin Texas, so if any hedgie owners from there see this, I would love to know where your vet is. Sorry about the long post!
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