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Hello all!

I have been following various posts on this site since 2012 when I got my first hedgehog. I finally made an account because I wanted to post. (In case anyone wonders why this is a new account)

I am looking for a breeder mentor who is USDA licensed. I have had hedgehogs for many years, and want to take the next steps in my appreciation for the species by beginning to ethically breed.

My purpose for breeding would be to increase the availability of pedigree/ well bred hedgehogs in order to better educate potential owners of the dangers/ impact of irresponsible breeding (backyard breeding) on the species.

My values/goals for my potential “program” are a 5 gen clean pedigree, free of WHS, and good temperaments. Color/markings are an added interest but not my primary objective.

If you are a USDA licensed breeder and would be willing to help, let me know!
I have a license for Skunk,s thay like exotic bird's often will not mate. Can you give me some tips on breeding hedgehogs??
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