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I just saw a commercial on TV for a free bag coupon for Natura pet food (California Natural, Innova, and Evo). Unfortunately, this offer is only for customers in the Portland, Oregon and Columbus, Ohio areas. If you happen to live in either of these areas, just go to the website and fill in your information. (The coupon is only redeemable at specific independent retailers in these areas, so you need to physically go to the store to pick up the food.)


I said Ziggy was an adult, overweight cat since that's the type of food I'd want...Adult lite. Within 5 minutes of signing up, I was emailed a coupon for a free 5 to 6.6 lb bag of Natura food. I had to select a retailer when I signed up, so the coupon is only valid at that location.

So yeah, not sure if anyone else lives in the Portland or Columbus areas, but just in case I thought I'd pass this along! (And if you don't want it for your hedgie...you could always get a bag for your dog or cat!)
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