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little Santa hat?

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I was thinking about making Herisson a little Santa hat for Christmas. I'm pretty sure that it will just fall off if I don't do something to help hold it on. I was thought that I might be able to attach a strap to it to go under his chin, but I wasn't sure. Is there a safe way to keep a little hat on a hedgehog? A strap? Elastic?
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After seeing these photo's I decided to make an Elf hat out of fleece for my hedgie! I looked at a photo of a human elf hat and then made my own pattern. I spent a long time making it and even put a tiny bell at the top. I knew I spent way too much time on it but had fun decorating it. I think if I practice putting hats on Ace often he will decide he likes them also. Next year I am going to make a top hat and he can be a snowman!


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Ace did not like the elf hat being put on but with food in his mouth he was fine. He kept it on after the food was gone, but I took it off to keep him safe.
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