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gyaku said:
Just out of curiousity what do you use for the litter box. My hedgehog is Sonic Tiberious Hedgehog or just Sonic for short, I am trying to potty train him, but he doesn't like Bounty paper towel...
Did you try putting the paper towel in the place where he has already chosen as his poop spot? I use Yesterday's News and mine uses it all the time. His poop and pee are always done in his litter box. Rarely do I find a pee spot outside of the pan.

Just make sure you stay far FAR away from clay "clumping" litter. Or any litter that are in small pieces, especially since you have a boy. Those small chunks can easily get stuck in boy parts, and would be very unpleasant.

raisinsushi said:
But what is it that you use exactly for a "litter pan" ???
I took the lid off of a square tin container :lol: Cheaper, and I like it better because it's only about 1 cm high, which makes it easy for my boy to walk in and out of it, while still keeping the litter inside.
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