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First Post, be kind.

I will be getting my first baby hedgehog in June. I'm running around trying to get things ready and trying to absorb as much knowledge as I can before he/she gets here.

I would like to attempt to litter box train the critter and wanted everyone's opinions on what litter I should use.

I do not want to use wood shavings/pellets as they may have mites, splinters or have been processed in a plant that also does cedar shavings.

I know not to use clumping cat litter and would rather avoid anything dusty like clay. I don't want to breath in that stuff, and its little lungs are much smaller than mine.

I would rather not use shredded news/paper (inks & dust) or that "Care Fresh" stuff.

I saw the following items at Petco and wanted to know if any of these are ok to use.

  • Kaytee Soft-Sorbent Lavender[/*:m:330pkbta]
  • Petco Crystal Litter[/*:m:330pkbta]
  • Cat Country Organic Wheatgrass Litter[/*:m:330pkbta]
  • Sweet Scoop Natural Wheat Litter[/*:m:330pkbta]

The first item smells nice, not sure how the critter would like lavender. They are all listed as safe & non-toxic, but a harmless #2 pencil can kill someone if you have the skills, so, yeah. :roll:

The second item looks very interesting and would allow me to see if there was a color change in his business as the crystals are clear.

The last two would be encountered in the wild but I'm not sure about dust or mites.

Opinions, comments please!

Now, I had a thought, so let's run this up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes. :mrgreen:

Hedgies seem to "go" on the go, especially while running in their wheels.

:idea: What if I put one of the wheels IN the litter box?

I'm planning a mansion of sorts of at least 2 large Sterilite containers, tubes, boxes, toys, levels, twists, turns, you know, like a fun house! I'll also be putting together a corral for him/her to play in. He/She will also be coming to work with me and will have a smaller cage @ work, as well as a travel/snuggle pouch.

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sagesmommy said:
Okay! I like this subject! My sage is litter trained. I use Feline Pine . She loves it , I love it , and she has never had mites from it! I just put the litter in a low cut shoe box , she goes in , does her business , and that is that! I tried all kinds of litter , and the only one she will use is Feline Pine. (Same goes for my cat! those two are like peas in a pod!) As for wheel , i think it is a good idea to put wheel in the litter box , as they do tend to go a lot while running. :)
PINE? From what I understand you should never use cedar or pine because the chemicals that create the aroma can be very bad for hedgies.
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