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Hi everyone!

I picked up my new baby hedgehog yesterday morning from my local petstore. (Yes I know, no one like pet store hedgie, but I wasn't going to wait on an 8 month waiting list for the only breeder in CT.) Anyways, I've had her for a day and she's not eating!!! I'm worried something wrong, I had bought her the same "Vitakraft" food they were using in the store, to at somepoint start switching her over to a cat food or some other more nutrishional hedgie food. I know she did do some drinking last night, cause she knocked her water bottle off the side of the cage. I also found the poops she did last night before I went to bed, in her food dish, i'm maybe thinking she thinks it a toilet? I'm worried and I need some advice. She seems to be friendly and all, I had her out of her cage last night when she finaly woke up after she did some exploring of her cage for about 45 minutes. She seemed fine, she got along with my whole family, including my two dogs. She was a very happy hedgie. :) Still didnt eat though, I even tried giving her a few meal worm treats and she didnt even take those. :( SO I dont know, here the pictures of where she lives and of her, she's a cutie.

Thanks for looking,

Living space: The bedding is a mix of White Pine, Spurce, and one other wood that NOT Ceader!
http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a267/ ... ure781.jpg

I did put a box for a while for her to sleep in but she stopped using it last night.
http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a267/ ... ure780.jpg

Here she is, I have not named her yet...
http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a267/ ... ure778.jpg

http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a267/ ... ure779.jpg
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Re: My new baby, But i'm having issues...

CT-Zoom-Zoom said:
I also found the poops she did last night before I went to bed, in her food dish, i'm maybe thinking she thinks it a toilet?
My little one did this with a certain brand of kibble. I think this is her way of saying "Hey, this food is [email protected]" Under normal circumstances, switching food over slowly is the way to go. But since the pet store had her on Vitakraft, it is important to change much sooner. Go ahead and find some Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, Felidae, Wellness, Innova or other cat kibbles on Reaper's list and give that to her instead.

Don't worry that she didn't take the mealies. Hedgies sometimes need to be introduced and re-introduced to a new food a number of times before they realize "hey, this is food" and get up the courage to try it... much less admit they like it.

Mallasfamily's suggestion about counting or weighing the kibble is a very good one. Another good idea is to weigh your hedgie (in grams) to make sure she isn't losing weight. A good kitchen scale will do the trick.

Consider using a water bowl instead of a water bottle. Give her both for awhile until she catches on to the idea of drinking out of a bowl.

Glad you're not using cedar :) Down the road, you might want to consider using cage liners. Often, they're made from fleece and have several benefits; eg, less wood shavings around your home, less respiratory issues for hedgies, you'll be able to see any signs of distress more quickly and easily (eg, green poop or bloody urine can hide in shavings, but not on a liner)...

From here, I'll just echo what others mentioned - making sure she's at the right temperature, has a wheel with solid running surface, etc...

Enjoy your little girl :)
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