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I am getting a hedgehog soon and I'm trying to decide what heating/lighting to get.

Night: 250W ceramic heat emitter
Day: 250W ceramic heat emitter + low watt light
Night: 250W ceramic heat emitter
Day: 150W heat light

My concerns are wattage and fire hazards.

My questions about lighting are:

Would an extremely low wattage incandescent bulb be enough light? Maybe around 5W as you would find in night light (They are pretty bright w/o the light deflector).

I've heard some people use UVA/UVB lights but I'm weary of UV because too much is harmful. I'm especially concerned because hedgehogs don't generally hang out in direct sunlight in the wild. I also wouldn't want to stare or be near it either.

I've also heard some people use fluorescent lights. I have sugar gliders and fluorescent is bad for their nocturnal eyes. Hedgehogs are sorta nocturnal so I would think they aren't good for them either?

Are there any good heat lights out there that don't have UV?


(Originally posted on the Chins&Hedgies forum)
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