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Lighting/Heating issue

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I just got Isabou today and she's a pretty social little creature. I've had the ceramic light/heater with thermostat on for a couple days to make sure it will properly regulate the temperature. The thing is, my house if usually warm (between 70-74) and the light flips on and off at regular intervals. I know that hedgies are sensitive to light and if I were her the constant light changes would bother me.

My question is, should I leave the light? Remove it (I'm not sure about this one, I don't want her to get cold) or should I replace the bulb with one that only emits heat?
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Ceramic heat emitters do not produce any light.

Did you get a normal reptile heat lamp by any chance? The ceramic heat emitters look like this:

*Edit to add: There are different shapes and sizes of emitters http://www.yeahlite.com/admin/Upjpeg/20074221926130.jpg but they ALL have that twirly bottom.

*Another Edit... Sorry, it's late and I'm sick XD

Definately go for the one that gives off heat only. Especially at night, since hedgies do NOT like light at night, otherwise, they won't come out.
yes, it's the lamp instead of the emitter. I will go get one tomorrow. For now what is the easiest way to maintain the heat? Would a blanket over top be ok? I also have a small heater in my basement that I could put near the cage for the time being
Use the small space heater, just put it on the lowest setting, or if it too has a thermostat, then then obvious ^_^ I used a space heater in my room for my hedgie back when it was cold.

Otherwise, with the light, your hedgie will refuse to come out to play.
Thanks so much, I've set everything up and can hear her wandering around. I feel a little silly but I'M glad it's a quick fix :)
hehe I'm glad she's out and exploring! ^_^

Be sure to post a pic of her!
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