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I'm collecting data for a light therapy experiment, to compare to claims that lightbulb choices can effect gender ratios. So any information from current/past breeders, accidental litters, and rescues would be very helpful.

The information I need is:
Age when pregnant:
Bulb type:(fluorescent, daylight, white, etc...)
Duration of pregnancy under that light: (all, 2 weeks, etc...)
Gender and litter count: (x males z females)
Any mixed light source: (half sunlight, switch bulbs, etc...)

I read a peer reviewed paper on light therapy. The author tested chinchillas under different light sources. Under flourescent lights the chinchilla litters were heavily male. When daylight bulbs were used in place of fluorescent gender ratios were 1:1. The idea is that flourescent bulbs give off more red wave lengths than animals would receive in nature. The red waves somehow effect the babies development inside the womb.

In the same paper the author wrote about the same phenomenon happening with chicken eggs. As well as pink lights causing tumors to grow significantly faster in mice.

Ill dig out the paper once I get home so I can post the authors name.

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I'll be interested in your findings.

Most of the time, I use regular incandescent bulbs from September to May. The summer months I use the curly florescent because they produce less heat. Whether they were daylight, or soft white or whatever they might have been over the years I have no clue now. My hedgie room also got lots of natural light coming in the windows from mid afternoon on.

I did a very quick baby count and there were more boys born in the summer months than girls.

I'm not sure if compiling ages and litters would be of any use to you since I have no clue now what shades of bulbs I used.
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