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Leroux's Color

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We are officially done quilling (have been for the last 4 days)!

What do you think his color is now?

*edit, added more pics[attachment=0:2a9rmq9d]Leroux_Dec09_03.jpg[/attachment:2a9rmq9d][attachment=1:2a9rmq9d]Leroux_Dec09_02.jpg[/attachment:2a9rmq9d][attachment=2:2a9rmq9d]Leroux_Dec09_01.jpg[/attachment:2a9rmq9d]


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wow. we finally know reaper is alive. now if only he would stop ignoring everyone on the cakewalk supreme forum...

adorable pics. the good pic of the mask one made me smile :)
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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