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Learning To Climb Inside Dryer Tubing

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I am planning to link more than one cage together with pvc pipe. The way my cages are configured I will need to lead my hedgies up about 4 inches in height to the pvc connectors gradually with dryer vent tubing. I am going to divide the extra cage in half and put my two hogs' wheels in there.

My question is: do the hedgies learn to climb the tubes from one cage to another on their own or would I have to teach them?
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I am only going to use the pvc to connect cages. I am going to use dryer vent tubing for the incline... I have seen other people on HHC using the tubing for their hogs to go up.
ok that helps immensely. i am going to get some pvc and tubing for practice. i was ready to get two elbow pvc for them anyway. i will let you know how the three of us do. :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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