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Learning To Climb Inside Dryer Tubing

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I am planning to link more than one cage together with pvc pipe. The way my cages are configured I will need to lead my hedgies up about 4 inches in height to the pvc connectors gradually with dryer vent tubing. I am going to divide the extra cage in half and put my two hogs' wheels in there.

My question is: do the hedgies learn to climb the tubes from one cage to another on their own or would I have to teach them?
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I'd have to agree with silvercat in the sense that it's not something you can actually "teach". It's a matter of the hedgie actually wanting to explore and walk inside.

As a suggestion, what you can do, is cut a smaller piece of the vent tube(15inches or so) and let your hedgie play and explore with that. Either toss it to the floor of the cage or playpen and let your hedgie explore with it and know that it's a "through" tunnel.

Once they are accustomed to it and knows what it is, then it's all up to your hedgie on whether or not they want to climb and walk through.

Just be aware that your hedgies might decide that it's too much hassle for them and refuse to use it, in which case, you'd have to find some other way to connect the cages. Or you might have to actually build an "open" ramp(fenced on either side, but something wide for them to amble up and walk through the pvc pipe).
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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