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Laying on His Tummy

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My little Pippin has recently been seen laying on his tummy sometimes with his legs straight back. Is this normal? He normally sleeps curled up in a loose ball on his side. He also has been licking himself a lot, if you know what I mean... Is this just him being a boy or is it a health issue?
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Tasha said:
I love it when my hedgie 'Splats', its the cutest thing. Being a boy however is annoying when trying to clean his snuggle sack! :roll:

Godzilla Girl said:
Nigel gets into his splat position while "marching" with his front legs and not moving the back ones until he is flat on his belly.
Mine also does this and its soo cute! :D
Both of mine do this as well! It never fails to make me go "AWWWW!" Especially when they yawn at the same time.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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