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I'm also wondering about aestivation. Sylvie has been active as much as I can tell that is nromal & eating fine. That said, my cousin was watching her for the last week, so would not have noticed any change. I've been back for two nights though and everything on that realm looks good (or rather poopy). She is digging under her liners and sleeping on the plastic bottom of the crate inside her house.

I did notice the last two nights while Sylvie was out, rather than exploring she would plop down and stare at me with her front legs outstretched (can't see her back legs from where she was lying/pillows set up on the sofa). While it is adorable, I'm concerned she might be too hot? It's been crazy hot hear lately (27*C+ which is 80.6*F, during the days) and keeping warm in the night. I'm in NS, so humidity is always high. I have a fan (floor thing) that I run. When I have hear out though on the sofa she won't come out from behind the pillows if the fan is on.

Now this all said, Bill came in & broke the humidity with the tropical storm yesterday so hopefully the temperature will start to balence back out to where is should be.

Does anyone think this is of concern? Myself, I find it warm but not unbearable. I'm more comfortable when the fan is on, but she doesn't like that. Suggestions? Or am I just a worry wart? ;)
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