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New here! Looking for a frendly forum to hang out on and learn, learn, learn...Just wanted to say Hi :) Hope I am at the right place ?!?!?

My name is Jes and I have a 4 year old silver charcoal African pigmy heggie, his name is Kingsford :D . We live in MN.

I am looking forward to getting to know you all and getting some info on caring for a heggie that is "over the hill" Kingsford is my first and only heggie and the breeder told me that he would not live to be this old :( So we are enjoying every day with him :lol:

enjoy the pictures :)[attachment=0:3no2eo55]kings feet.jpg[/attachment:3no2eo55][attachment=1:3no2eo55]Kingsford.jpg[/attachment:3no2eo55][attachment=2:3no2eo55]n56004010_34102981_1204.jpg[/attachment:3no2eo55]


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