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Previously, on Hedgie Acres...

Pricklemouse (formerly Bella) (does this mean she'll be the artist formerly known as pricklemouse next?!) ...Pricklemouse was a small hedge child, growing in leaps and bounds. I mean, heck, I got her in January, and she was ...100 some grams, now she's 200 - 300 grams (haven't weighed her recently) and it's only june!

Anyways, she WAS eating royal canin babycat formula, as a baby, and I'm satisfied with her growth. The problem is now, I'm changing her to an adult formula of foods, and the kibble are about THREE times larger!

The babycat formula was about the size of a plastic pin head, you know, the colourful pins for sewing with the fancy coloured heads? (no bigger than 1/4 centimeter across) These new kibble are trilobed (three points) and about FOUR times the size.. I didn't realize this when I bought the bag. Is there an easy way to A) decrease the size of the kibble through a food processor or masher or coffee grinder? and B) if I used a coffee grinder, and it makes it powdered, would she eat it, and C) are ALL your foods this size (no bigger than a centimeter across).

Is there an alternative, that's smaller, like Innova or the chicken soup for the cat's soul type foods?
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