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Keeps trying to escape

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She is constantly trying to escape. I even got her a new cage. She hasn’t escaped this one yet but I’ve had it for less than a day. I was watching her try to climb out and then she got down and stopped, and wouldn’t move. I picked her up and she was super cold all of a sudden. I warmed her up and put her in her snuggle sack. I’m getting a camera to watch her. What should I do now though?
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Update: she didn’t escape last night thankfully. I turned on white noise and dropped a couple drops of lavender essential oil in her cage. I read on here somewhere that can help calm them down. I saw her eat and drink and she used her wheel. I think she’ll be fine but I am looking for enrichment ideas. One idea I saw was to put some herbs in a hedgehog safe container and let them smell it. I think I’ll make a rock box too. I want to get a better tunnel as the one she has right now isn’t very good. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Another update. She escaped. I found her and she was fine but how do I stop her from trying to escape?
Another update. She escaped. I found her and she was fine but how do I stop her from trying to escape?
Think maybe this might be a smell issue, if she doesn’t like the smell she might try to escape. Also can I see a picture of the cage?
It’s a new cage so that makes sense. She didn’t escape last night as I think I fixed how she got out. But I heard her trying. Here’s the cage, cleaning soon so don’t mind the mess;
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I love your cage Setup might borrow some ideas lol, I recommend actually getting something like plastic without the bars for the walls since it’s easier to escape when they are bars.
Thank you! I did think about the bars when I bought it. They’re vertical and she didn’t escape out the top. Instead, she went under it because one of the grids was disconnected. When I realized I fixed it immediately and she hasn’t escaped since. I think she’s stopped trying to too. I left her snuggle bag in her cage which has her scent all over it and she sleeps in that every night. I didn’t think to leave it in before because in her old cage she was sleeping in her designated sleeping area. I believe you were right with the smell issue. Thanks for your help!
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