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Hi! Real quick, I'm new here but I've been lurking recently a ton because my little over 2 yo hedgie Wolfgang has been sick and I've been trying to find answers (really not happy with the lack of research done on hedgies on google). It's been a very scary time, but now we're just confused. Let me explain:

We took Wolfie in last Saturday because we'd taken him out the night before and we was very lethargic, a stark difference from his active and curious personality. He also hadn't been running on his wheel for a week or two, and he hadn't been as interested in eating and therefore not pooping as much. We were so worried we took him in the next day and after running bloodwork and taking x-rays they told us that he may have cardiomyopathy and maybe even cancer... it was devastating. They offered the option to do an ultrasound the next day to determine if he really had cancer but even if he did the only way to stop/help it was a risky surgery which we didn't want to do. We'd already left him overnight and he had to be sedated and we just wanted him home where he could be comfortable.

They sent him home with a heart medication (enalapril maleate suspension) and a diuretic (lasix), as well as carnivore critical care to syringe feed as needed. We've been administering his meds on a strict schedule and syringe feeding him 5ml of CC twice a day (he's taken to it quite well), while also leaving his regular kibble and mealies throughout his cage which he is nibbling on.

When they first told us what was going on with him they mentioned he might only have a week or two or maybe a month or two to live (also terrifying). But for the most part, since we've taken him home, he seems okay aside from still not wheeling and also not pooping a ton... But he's gaining weight, he'll explore when we take him out, and he uses the dig box I made for him too.

Could this have been just a scare? Should we take him to another vet for a second opinion? Could it be that he's just bored of his wheel, in which case how else can we get him to exercise and SHOULD we even be getting him to exercise if he does in fact have a heart condition? I've also read that feeding pumpkin baby food can help hedgies poop... if we go this route how much should we be giving him?

For a while there we were petrified that he wouldn't last much longer but aside from what I mentioned he seems... normal. We're still worried but we're wondering if things are more normal that we thought?
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