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Just got my hedgie! Food question...

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Hey guys!

Finally got my hedgie, Zeddicus and am just wondering about his food intake.

At the moment, he has a nutritional hedgehog food (kibbles) mixed with a cat food (also kibbles.) The cat food is a tad high in fat but not ridiculously so.

Obviously he is going more toward the cat food than the hedgie kibbles...anywho my question is,

how much should he be eating? Hes two months old. Can anyone give me an idea of how many kibbles he should be eating? Or how many i should be offering of each kind?

So far ive put about 20 (10 hog and 10 kitty) kibbles and like i said, he eats the cat stuff right away but not the hedgehog food so much...

i just want to make sure i'm not giving him too little or if i should let him indulge on the cat food....

advice? thanks guys!
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It's Brisky's. I read on here it was all right for them (when mixed with a cat food as well.)

i have three types of cat food at the moment, and the one i started him on was higher in fat than what is usually recommended. I know hes young and can prob take it but i just dont want him to eat JUST that you know?

So for now you say its ok to give him a lot of the cat food? Not CRAZY HUGE portions, but enough so he can eat when he likes at night?

Gimme a kibble estimate lol.

Thanks a lot for replying though :) Its good to know I have hedgie experts to turn to in times of question...
interesting, interesting.

Immortalia, do you feed yours just cat foods? the higher fat one hes having now, should i give him a plenty?

Oh and ever since ive seen ur picture i cant help but ask, is there any trick to getting your hedgie to roll into a ball on his back like that? its ridiculously cute lol.

thanks for the help!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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