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Just got my hedgie! Food question...

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Hey guys!

Finally got my hedgie, Zeddicus and am just wondering about his food intake.

At the moment, he has a nutritional hedgehog food (kibbles) mixed with a cat food (also kibbles.) The cat food is a tad high in fat but not ridiculously so.

Obviously he is going more toward the cat food than the hedgie kibbles...anywho my question is,

how much should he be eating? Hes two months old. Can anyone give me an idea of how many kibbles he should be eating? Or how many i should be offering of each kind?

So far ive put about 20 (10 hog and 10 kitty) kibbles and like i said, he eats the cat stuff right away but not the hedgehog food so much...

i just want to make sure i'm not giving him too little or if i should let him indulge on the cat food....

advice? thanks guys!
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Actually, because he's young and growing, you should be giving him ALL that he can eat.

When mine was young, he ate an entire bowl of kibble, which would probably be approx 100 kibbles per night. (This was before I started counting kibble because he was eating so much XD too much to count, but he always finished just about the entire bowl, leaving only some scraps and broken pieces.)

Now that he's older, he averages about 50 kibbles a night, but I always give him 70 kibbles nightly, so he can have the option to eat more.

Mine knew when he should slow down his eating and eat less, most of them do. So on his own, he ate less as he grew, and now we've plateaued at ~50
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