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Since I have things scattered all over the place, as is typical with me, I thought I'd just start fresh with a properly titled thread. (If you mods want to lock the others feel free!) So here goes.

First off, a thread introducing my pets that I had when I joined the forum: Pictures of My Pets.

After that, I added some new members, and that happens over here: New Family Members.

Here's a running total of everything I have right this second:
1 African Pygmy Hedgehog, male, Finnick, 1.5 years old
1 Australian Cattle Dog, male, Oz, Estimated 5 yo.
1 Senegal parrot, female, Pepper, 3 yo.
1 Blue Tongued Skink, female, Rocket, Estimated 5 yo.
1 Ball python, unconfirmed male, Illidan, 7 and a half yo.
1 Mexican black kingsnake, male, Sherlock, 3 yo.
1 Green tree python, male, Akihiko, Estimated 2-3 yo.
1 Veil tail betta, male, Keitan, 5 months old.
2 Tiger salamanders, one wild, one bought, unknown sex, Squee and Shaw, Estimated ages 2yo and 1 yo.
3 Crested Geckos, two female, one male, Nanamo, Mordin, and Grunt, all 1 yo.
3 Dwarf blue day geckos, two male, one female, Skaro, Lil Dude, and Kaylee, estimated ages for Skaro and Kaylee 4 yo. Lil Dude is 6 months old.
7 Dendrobates auratus "El Cope" poison dart frogs, two female, three male, two juveniles. All named after Adventure Time characters, Adults estimated 2 yo. Juveniles are 3 months old.
1 Saltwater fish tank. Contents: corals, pistol shrimp, hermit crabs, snails. All brand new.

Pets with estimated ages were either adopted later in their lives, rescued, or wild caught/farmed and imported. I've had a vet as well as an importer help me get as close as possible to everyone's actual ages.

I'll be embedding any future pictures of my family here, so they're all together in one spot. Not including Finnick of course, who can have his own threads, but will likely be duplicated here just for archival's sake. I also post videos from time to time and mean to do a lot more of that. You can see my YouTube account here: 5ubv3rsion. And I'd like to point out a specific video that I just added of Finnick chasing crickets around the bathtub. I took this a few weeks ago and forgot I had it, so here it is now: Pet Hedgehog vs Crickets.

And also, here's the fan favorite Finn Dust Bathing in His Mealworms.

Thanks for reading, and I'll update again soon! Maybe with a video of the ball python having a swim, and some more photos...
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No dog hide and seek video yet, but here's my saltwater fish tank crew hard at work. I love how you can see the shrimp grab individual pieces of sand and adjust them. He's such a busy little guy.

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Thanks! I've almost got everything how I want it, I think. 4 months worth of work just to get the darn thing stable. But it's so worth it now!
:lol: The shrimp is so cute going back & forth. And the goby looks like a statue, not moving at all.

I hope Oz's results come back with good news! My old family dog had a couple lumps around the eyes & eyelids before, but after we got them removed, they didn't end up growing back. She was a much better patient than it sounds like Oz will be though...good luck. :shock: Definitely don't envy you!! Hopefully he'll heal up quickly, for both of you.

Did Aki eat his frozen mouse or no luck yet? If you end up with the pet mouse sticking around & if you're interested, I know a couple different people who recommend this forum - http://forum.thefunmouse.com/
Aki did not eat his frozen mouse :(. I rubbed it all over the live one and then dragged it around his cage and he didn't even react. So I dangled the live one to see if maybe he wasn't hungry and boom, feeding mode activated. So I wiggled the dead one around in front of his face with the live one behind it, and he climbed over the dead one to kill the live one. *sigh* I think I'm going to order some quail chicks and Rocket can have them if Aki won't touch them.
:lol: I clicked on the thread already anticipating that it was on "active topics" because there was an update! I'm wondering too!!

And Aki, you little butt! I'm sorry he's giving you such trouble. Shame I can't have Charis give him a talking to about how it's better to just eat the yummy frozen food and how nice it is to not have your food biting you back. I'll keep fingers crossed for the quail chicks! I'm planning on trying the day-old ones with Bindi sometime down the road & whole dressed ones for the kitty (because I don't want to be cleaning feathers up in the apartment for days :lol:).
He's home and resting! Sorry I was slow here, I responded to Authra while I was laying on the floor with him and now I'm up and at my computer. He's a little nauseous and he's completely out of his gourd, but his eye looks really good considering. They shaved his whole eye spot off and it looks ridiculous! The vet is sending the lump away to get tested and I should have an update on that Wednesday or Thursday.

Everything went so smoothly that it ended up being $100 less than I was quoted too, so that's an added bonus. The vet didn't even prescribe eye drops or painkillers, just a cone. She said if he seems like he's hurting I can call in and they'll email me a prescription. She even put in dissolvable sutures so I don't have to go back!

Poor Pepper is trying to get a rise out of him and he's just laying there all derpy like "huuuuh?" She looks so confused :lol:

I wish they'd used something else to knock him out though. I think he may be oversensitive to this kind, but it's the only one he's had so far, so I have nothing to compare it to. It's the one that they inject in and then inject a reversal agent to wake the animal up when they're finished. Super cool, but it really messes him up.

I took some pictures while I was sitting with him. Here's his poor shaved face:

And this one he's just gone away. If he could talk he'd say "whoa dude"
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Ohhhhhh honey!!! I just want to snuggle the poor dude. I hope he shakes the rest of the drugs off soon so he can start feeling more normal. I'm glad everything went so well though, that's great news! Your vet sounds really awesome. :)
It's so sad. I tried to give him a treat. He took it and then forgot to chew or swallow so it just sat in his mouth for a minute. Then he was like "oh hey a treat!"

His vet is awesome. And she's fast too! He lunged at her face the first time they met and she dodged it flawlessly. It was pretty impressive. She just graduated from the new University of Calgary vet program in 2014, so she's fresh out of school but she's been great so far and she's not scared to ask other vets for help and to learn new things, which is awesome.

The clinic is pretty simple, but Camrose isn't very big and there are two vet clinics here. The other one has been open much longer but everyone I've spoken to has at least one horror story regarding the place, so I decided to go with the new guys.
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Hopefully Oz is feeling like himself soon. I'm sure by morning Pepper will get a rise out of him.
Oz is doing much better this morning. His eye is still a little swollen but it's not bright red anymore. He kept his cone on all night like a good boy and he left me alone until 9:30, which is pretty good for him. I usually crate him at night but the crate plus the cone wouldn't have been pretty. I woke up at midnight to check on him and he was just standing in the middle of the room staring at the floor. It was so creepy. I talked him into laying down beside me and then he just slept. He's already had breakfast and a big drink, eyeballed Pepper, barked at the neighbor, and gone pee.

So far so good!
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That's awesome that he is felling better this morning...
Remember back to younger days, if you did anything crazy enough to be wearing a lampshade on your head there is always some confusing moments in there.
I have to crate my pups or they end up playing all night and will play on my bed, if I crate them late or accidentally fall asleep early, they are very confused on where to sleep.
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Yay!! Glad he's feeling better today. :D
Oz says thanks for your concern, you guys! He's completely back to himself now, and his painkillers have completely worn off and he seems totally fine, so I don't think he's going to need any meds at all. Yay!

Oz is... I don't know. He doesn't have separation anxiety but it's close. Heelers are usually pretty clingy but he's exceptionally so. I'm guessing it's because he didn't really have anyone when he was younger so now he's making up for lost time. This means he wakes up periodically during the night and licks my face to make sure I'm okay. It's a really sweet gesture but it's so annoying :lol:. He adores his crate though, so that's not a problem at all. My golden would just sleep through the night at the foot of the bed, but not this one.
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Here's his eye today. I added an arrow so you can see where the removal actually was. It was pretty small.

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I just have a handful of random pictures today.

Here's what a crested gecko's sticky toepads look like:

This was Mordin posing for the camera.

And here's Grunt after a rough day of chasing the ladies having a nice nap under the bromeliad:

He looks like he needs a drink with a little umbrella.

And I finally got some decent pictures of Sherlock in the sun. He looks chocolate instead of black. I have no idea why he was doing his ball python impression, but it worked well for the pictures:

Oz is still doing really well, so I'll get a video of him playing hide and seek soon!
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I am not a big snake person as they make me a little bit nervous but I have to say that Green Python is absolutely stunning. Gorgeous animal. I really enjoyed reading about your pets thanks for sharing :)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Dumble! The green tree python is literally my dream snake xD. I used to have recurring dreams about the day when I'd find him, and then one day, there he was!

I have an update about myself tonight instead of the usual pet goodness, because it's going to effect my posting for the next week at least. I have a recurring issue that presents as severe chronic pain, cramping and a few other nasty things I won't mention here (if you want more info for any reason I'm totally willing to share, just PM me. Warning: it's ucky.). I went to the emergency room last night at midnight for the pain and was examined and given some medication for now while they find a specialist who has time to see me asap. One of the medications caused severe chest pain and shortness of breath so a few hours later I was back in emergency, where I was reexamined and prescribed a few more things. Hooray.

I'm so happy I'm Canadian at this point because only the drugs cost me anything, and living in a town is amazing, as the wait room was completely empty and I was tested, diagnosed, medicated, and let loose within two hours of arrival both times. I got blood tests and an ECG! Back in Calgary a trip to emergency meant 7 hours in agony in a waiting room and then the night in an admitted-but-still-waiting side room because the beds and exam rooms were all full.

But that being said, I've been put back on my arch nemesis metronidazole to help treat any potential infections while I wait to hear from the specialist. I get almost every side effect listed from this demon drug, so I'm going to be a complete mess for about a week. After that I likely need surgery, as this problem has been recurring for 6 years now and I'm done trying less invasive treatments that only work short term. So I may be absent for a few months at worst. Hopefully everything goes well and I can still pop in and comment from my cell phone at least.

Sadly this means my final two cricket breeding updates may be late or nonexistent long-term. If I miss them I'll photograph a future batch to share, so they will be available eventually. I'm also going to need to devote what little energy I have to caring for my animals. Oz is still in his cone, and he's figured out how to fling it across the room and go for his eye before I can even get up, so that will take up a lot of focus. And then cleaning, feeding, and maintaining everyone else will likely be the majority of my waking hours.

I'll check in if I can, and definitely provide an update if I end up going with the surgery. For now I'll be able to stay in the loop from my phone in bed but I won't be posting much if at all. If anyone needs me go ahead and PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

I've attached a picture of my previous parrot, the rose crowned conure Echo, to tide you all over for now. I love this shot because you can see the detail on each feather. You can also see the strange barring that indicated periods of illness that plagued him his whole life. (I'm looking at you, Two! I know you can see them! :grin:)


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Yes I see stress bars...
I will pray for you, your medical team and your family, including furry, feathered, pokey, scaly and slimy that you all get through this rough time.
Taking care of ourselves is often the hardest things to do. But sometimes something will happen to force us to tend to our needs... Says the woman who should be on cardio meds and probably needs to get her gall bladder removed.
Keep us updated on everyone as much as you can. Rest and get yourself healthy.
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