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Since I have things scattered all over the place, as is typical with me, I thought I'd just start fresh with a properly titled thread. (If you mods want to lock the others feel free!) So here goes.

First off, a thread introducing my pets that I had when I joined the forum: Pictures of My Pets.

After that, I added some new members, and that happens over here: New Family Members.

Here's a running total of everything I have right this second:
1 African Pygmy Hedgehog, male, Finnick, 1.5 years old
1 Australian Cattle Dog, male, Oz, Estimated 5 yo.
1 Senegal parrot, female, Pepper, 3 yo.
1 Blue Tongued Skink, female, Rocket, Estimated 5 yo.
1 Ball python, unconfirmed male, Illidan, 7 and a half yo.
1 Mexican black kingsnake, male, Sherlock, 3 yo.
1 Green tree python, male, Akihiko, Estimated 2-3 yo.
1 Veil tail betta, male, Keitan, 5 months old.
2 Tiger salamanders, one wild, one bought, unknown sex, Squee and Shaw, Estimated ages 2yo and 1 yo.
3 Crested Geckos, two female, one male, Nanamo, Mordin, and Grunt, all 1 yo.
3 Dwarf blue day geckos, two male, one female, Skaro, Lil Dude, and Kaylee, estimated ages for Skaro and Kaylee 4 yo. Lil Dude is 6 months old.
7 Dendrobates auratus "El Cope" poison dart frogs, two female, three male, two juveniles. All named after Adventure Time characters, Adults estimated 2 yo. Juveniles are 3 months old.
1 Saltwater fish tank. Contents: corals, pistol shrimp, hermit crabs, snails. All brand new.

Pets with estimated ages were either adopted later in their lives, rescued, or wild caught/farmed and imported. I've had a vet as well as an importer help me get as close as possible to everyone's actual ages.

I'll be embedding any future pictures of my family here, so they're all together in one spot. Not including Finnick of course, who can have his own threads, but will likely be duplicated here just for archival's sake. I also post videos from time to time and mean to do a lot more of that. You can see my YouTube account here: 5ubv3rsion. And I'd like to point out a specific video that I just added of Finnick chasing crickets around the bathtub. I took this a few weeks ago and forgot I had it, so here it is now: Pet Hedgehog vs Crickets.

And also, here's the fan favorite Finn Dust Bathing in His Mealworms.

Thanks for reading, and I'll update again soon! Maybe with a video of the ball python having a swim, and some more photos...
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You sound like me when I go to the nursery. Now I have to order my plants and seeds online. So now I have well over 100 catalogs for plants, because I have to comparison shop.
If I go to the greenhouse or nursery I am like a kid in a candy store, I want them all, need them all and will buy as many as my credit card will allow.
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I usually just do the seeds online unless it's something I've failed at starting from seeds in the past.
My normal common variety plants I will sometimes buy started. But prefer to get most started here, and i like some really strange vegetables.
I prefer heirloom on just about everything. That goes double for tomatoes.
I have a weird thing about colors. Purple beans, orange or purple coliflower, yellow tomatoes, black tomatoes.
Peppers, we tend to go overboard. Hot peppers, sweet peppers, cayenne peppers for the birds. Then some oddly shaped ones.
We also try and add new stuff every year, usually something we hadn't tried or something more exotic.
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Ashley will now be busy for the next 2 hours looking at vegetables. Leave a message at the beep!!!!!
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Alternate source of information, possibly. Could be those people that eat bugs. I don't know if they might have additional information or not.
I checked Amazon and found distributed selling those, hoped that there might be more info on the back of the bag or Amazon sites. Nothing there. At least the ones I checked.
Now I wonder if a college entomology department would know of anything.
The way I see it, when I feel like eating a bug, I'll jump on a horse or motorcycle and talk.
But there is no information on them. Not even how many weight watchers points they are.
I hope things get better for you from here on. Take all the time you need. You and your zoo will be in our prayers.
I am very sorry about losing Pepper.
I remember the quiet of my house after my Pugzy died. My house hadn't been quiet in years with kids, but it felt so quiet. Then I got used to not having her talk to us. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that we were all ready to get another bird, but was NOT getting another green cheek. So we got Lexi, and 2 other ****atiels, but it wasn't the same.

I'm glad that everyone else is doing well. Hopefully Oz makes headway with his extra training.
21 - 29 of 278 Posts
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