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I've wanted a hedgehog for a while and kept my options open and just two months ago I rescued an albino, about six months old - give or take a bit - and I've researched and prepared myself for this amazing creature who is now my baby...and I know they take a while to trust their caregivers and two months is nothing compared to others, but I'm truly afraid Elbern doesn't like me. He has fresh food and water daily and I upkeep his cage regularly. I give him treats when he's out "adventuring" on the couch or in his play pen. I thought he would be perfect since he would sleep most of the day and I wouldn't feel bad for being away at work and I would have time with him when I got home later in the evening. He used to roam all over me when I would watch t.v. after work. Recently he's grown even more distant. He does Not appreciate me picking him up when previously he would sniff around and wait for me to put him down. He always puffed up at first, but now he won't even calm down. He prefers to stay under his blanket and come out to eat and do his business when I'm not even around. I've ordered a wheel, he has a tube to crawl through, toys to push around like he used to. I keep him near a heater - not too close, because I know they like warm environments. And just tonight he made some weird...not squeaking noises, but almost whimpering when I put him down in his play pen (while he was in the blanket because he refused to let me pick him up.) I haven't tried to trim his nails because I know he doesn't trust me enough yet, he despised bath time - normal for some as I've read - but I just want him to be happy and healthy. I feel like a terrible mom. Any advice? Suggestions?
To add a note that I just thought of: his first month and a half in my home it had just been us two...my boyfriend has just recently come home from work. Do you think he's, I don't know, jealous? Or maybe he doesn't like my boyfriend's smell?
I'm trying to do everything for this little guy, but experience is nothing compared to reading up and mentally preparing. Please help
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