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You know, one thing that it could be is if he is going through his second (6 month) quilling! They become very grumpy and distant during that time. Think of a baby teething - it hurts them....so they don't want to be held.
If he was acting normal and suddenly began doing this that could be an explanation. Have you noticed any quills falling out around your house?

Also, I have not had a male myself, but 6 months to a year, year and a half is kindof the adolescent stage for hedgies......have you noticed any other *odd* behaviors?;-) Maybe someone else who has dealt w/ males can chime in about that.

Well, good luck and I hope he comes around. I second taking him to the vet. I would also recommend pet insurance. I have had really good luck w/ it so far and it saves loads of $ in the long run.

-Susan H.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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