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Two months is not very long for a defensive or abused hedgehog to learn to trust you. I’ve taken in hedgehogs who took over a year and some never would let me handle them without throwing a fit when I’d pick them up. This is something you need to prepare yourself for, but his personality may just be one of defensiveness and he may never decide to trust anyone. Sometimes it is caused by improper handling by a prior owner, and sometimes it’s just who that hedgehog is.

Do you have a snuggle bag and have you tried to just cuddle with him at night? Get him up at the same time daily. Let him run around and play for a bit, and then offer him a snuggle bag. If he will go in and relax, great! Hold him in his snuggle bag while you browse the web, watch television, etc. The bag will allow him some security and cuddling is a great way for him to get more used to your movements, your sound, etc. Also offer him mealworms, if he will eat them, right after you get him out of his cage. They quite often will start to expect mealies when they are taken out of their cage, and will expect to be offered a snuggle bag soon after if you go this route. Even some of the grouchiest of hedgehogs has learned to enjoy this type of interaction. Oh they still throw a fit if I try to touch them, but we at least get to spend long periods of time together.

If you haven’t taken him into see a veterinarian yet, and you are seeing sudden behavioral changes, you may want to take him in for a checkup. Get him looked over, ensure that all is well in his world. Your vet could also use a little gas to knock him out and get his nails done, although I would try to do them just after a bath. BTW hating bath time is quite normal for most hedgehogs. Its more rare to find one that enjoys them, than hates them, at least that is my experience.
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