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I've been wrong all along!!! HELP!!!!

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:( I feel really not smart at all right now. I was reading through the forum and kept finding mentions of how that Wellness is too rich on its own because of the high protein content. I knew this but never really thought about it assuming that the "junk food" I was feeding (Purina kitten chow) would balance it. After reading this several times I wanted to double check myself to be reassured that I was feeding Herisson right even though I was pretty sure that my hedgehog’s diet was fine. I started to really think about it and I realized that kitten food has a higher protein content (40% when I checked mine!) than Wellness's 30% content! I now feel like the stupidest hedgehog owner on the planet!!!!! How could I over look that! I hope the high protein hasn't hurt him already. I seriously need some reassurance and advice before I go trying to find a more responsible owner for my beloved hedgie. I can't believe that I didn't check myself!! I've been feeding this to poor Herisson for over a year!!!!! Should I go find a really low protein content food to add to the mix, change foods entirely, or what!? Please help so I can stop fretting.
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Re: Ive been wrong all along!!! HELP!!!!

I know that people on here state 35% or less protein for your hedgies due to risk of kidney disease or failure, but I think that is a bit erroneous. Carnivores and insetivores do not get kidney failure from high protein, however omnivores do. That being said, not much is know about hedgie diets so most people tend to stay on the safe side when it coems to food. Also, they can have kidney issues from old age, and in that case it is harder for them to process the extra protein.

Anyways, if your little guy is healthy then do not worry, you were obviously doing fine! If it makes you feel more comfortable, slowly start switching him to a new lower protein food.

I would love to hear if anyone has had a hedgie with kidney issues or something to that effect diagnosed from a vet. I've done numerous searches but have always come up with nothing. For what it's worth, most of the zoo sources suggest a 30-50% protein mix for insectivorous mammals, while the pet community feel a bit different from everything I have read on here.
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