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I've been wrong all along!!! HELP!!!!

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:( I feel really not smart at all right now. I was reading through the forum and kept finding mentions of how that Wellness is too rich on its own because of the high protein content. I knew this but never really thought about it assuming that the "junk food" I was feeding (Purina kitten chow) would balance it. After reading this several times I wanted to double check myself to be reassured that I was feeding Herisson right even though I was pretty sure that my hedgehog’s diet was fine. I started to really think about it and I realized that kitten food has a higher protein content (40% when I checked mine!) than Wellness's 30% content! I now feel like the stupidest hedgehog owner on the planet!!!!! How could I over look that! I hope the high protein hasn't hurt him already. I seriously need some reassurance and advice before I go trying to find a more responsible owner for my beloved hedgie. I can't believe that I didn't check myself!! I've been feeding this to poor Herisson for over a year!!!!! Should I go find a really low protein content food to add to the mix, change foods entirely, or what!? Please help so I can stop fretting.
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Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul (light formula) is a popular food that is used. That has 32% protein and 9% fat.
I feed Wellness Indoor, Solid Gold Katz 'N' Flocken, and Natural Balance Green Peas and Duck. The Solid Gold has 34% protein and 12% fat, and the main meat ingredient is lamb. The Natural Balance (which seems to be very popular among hedgies, I know it's Lily's favorite of the three) has 30% protein and 12% fat, with the main ingredients being peas and duck meal.
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