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it's all the rage: POCKET HEDGIE

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Hector has been curled up and chilling in the pocket of my zip-up hoodie. He seems quite content. He's been there while I've beaded, watched tv, hung out with my friend, and ate dinner. So far he's been in there for about two and a half hours being all cozy and happy.
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Lol, aww. Cute picture! I've done the same thing with my baby, but in one of those big pockets on the front of hooded sweatshirts. She really seems content when I put her in, although I have to be careful if I walk around, because if she poked her head too far out, she could lose her balance and fall. :? But I think I once had her in the pocket for like...four hours, at my grandparents' cottage, while I was watching tv and working on a puzzle. She also seemed to like being in the hood of the sweatshirt (and I was VERY careful to make sure she wouldn't fall out at all).
Oh my god, that picture is SO cute!! :lol: I absolutely love pictures of sleeping hedgies, they're adorable. :D I once peeked in on Lily when she was curled up in her giant fleece blankie, and she was in an upside down ball. It's the cutest I've ever seen her. ^.^ I'm planning on making a snuggle bag for Lily in my sewing class soon, one that I can wear kind of like a backpack, only with the bag part in front. I've been dying to take her shopping to a pet store or something like that, but I have to wait until it gets a lot warmer here. I just got her out for snuggle time tonight and she's already in my sweatshirt pocket, lol. Just got her little butt sticking out! :lol: I need to get more pictures of her...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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