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My baby is about 10 wks now and is quilling everywhere. She was scratching a bit a couple days ago, so I gave her an oatmeal bath and finished with a flax seed oil rinse like advised. Her skin seems less dry but recently she's been a lot more scratchy. Just now she spent a whole 10 min just scratching! Is a ton of scratching to be expected when they go through quilling? Or should I worry about mites?

Thanks everyone for your help on my other posts too :)
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If it seems like excessive scratching or frantic then I'd take him in to be on the safe side. It's hard to tell without actually seeing it but if he's consisitantly scratching for 10 min even after having the oatmeal bath there might be more going on so it would be better safe than sorry. Hope the little guy feels better :)
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