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So, my new hedgehog gave birth a week ago today, thanks to all the great advice I read in the forums, I was able to know I had to leave them alone so the new mama doesn't feel threatened.

As of today, while it has been tempting to lift up the igloo and peek in, I still have no idea how many babies she had, or if all of them have survived. Freya (mamas name) still eats and drinks every night. I have not seen any babies outside the igloo, or any blood or anything like that either.

On top of that, everyday I have still heard some light chirping coming from the cage, so I know there is at least one baby still alive. Needless to say, I am excited, and cant hardly wait for the next few days to go by, so I can finally take a peek and see what is what.

The general consensus says I should wait 10 to 14 days, so I will probably wait the full 2 weeks, just to be safe.

I have one question, what are the chances that Freya's personality will change now that she is a mother, she was really laid back and friendly during the first week we had her, before she gave birth.I really hope she retains that personality, or are they prone to change?
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