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My hedgehog had mites and been losing quills and having extremely dry skin. And from what I read on hedgehog central, other owners recommended using coconut oil + oatmeal bath to get rid of the mites and I did that for 3 days and sure the mites are gone but she is still losing quills and having dry skin and this greenish thing that's sticking to her skin(it's not all over her skin but they're sticking to some of the bottom of her quills and she's still not showing signs of regrowing her quills) I bought this vetericyn hydrogel spray for her because the country (/city) that I live in doesn't have an exotic vet(sorry rural place) or leucillin (leucillin isn't available in my country at all) for sale but I did some research on the vetericyn spray and the ingredients are almost 95% same as the leucillin spray
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