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Is there enough light?

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I have just spent 3 days, a lot of money and completely done my back in to build Henry a HUGE mansion house. However, im now worried there is not enough light getting. What does everyone else think?

Its not finished yet, but it is made out of conti board (the same stuff used for vivariums), the front is made out of fly screen mesh and i totally stole the idea from Thistle (so thank you Thistle, hope you don't mind ;) ) The tube will be attached the back wall to get to the second floor. Its looks a bit rough & ready (im not that great at DIY) but is safe & sturdy.

If anyone sees anything wrong so far, or any advice, tips or comments would be greatfully received, but would most like to know if there is enough light for him. :D[attachment=0:1pert7fc]IMG_1116.jpg[/attachment:1pert7fc]


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Wow! What a lucky hedgie! I think that there will be enough light , It looks pretty well lit inside :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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