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Is there enough light?

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I have just spent 3 days, a lot of money and completely done my back in to build Henry a HUGE mansion house. However, im now worried there is not enough light getting. What does everyone else think?

Its not finished yet, but it is made out of conti board (the same stuff used for vivariums), the front is made out of fly screen mesh and i totally stole the idea from Thistle (so thank you Thistle, hope you don't mind ;) ) The tube will be attached the back wall to get to the second floor. Its looks a bit rough & ready (im not that great at DIY) but is safe & sturdy.

If anyone sees anything wrong so far, or any advice, tips or comments would be greatfully received, but would most like to know if there is enough light for him. :D[attachment=0:1pert7fc]IMG_1116.jpg[/attachment:1pert7fc]


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Keep in mind that most of the heat from a space heater is going to go up and the room is going to be VERY hot before that floor level cage is feeling the heat from the heater. I have stacking cages and my top cages are roughly 3F warmer than the ones that are a foot off the floor. It works ok for me because I put those who need more heat up top and those who are fine at the cooler end of the temperature range at the bottom.

To have a floor level cage at a suitable hedgehog temperature the room is going to be hot and you are going to spend more in electricity than if the cage was sitting on a table.

The whole cage needs to be warm, not just the bed. When the hedgehogs get up and active at night is the most important time for the cage to be warm. They are opposite to us. We turn our heat down at night while we are sleeping to conserve energy, yet hedgehogs are sleeping during the day and need that extra warmth at night. :)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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