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Is she champagne?

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This lady is a year old. Her quill color is close to champagne, she has no underbelly mottling, and she doesn't have a noticeable mask. BUT...She has black eyes, not even a hint of ruby, her nose is a bit dark, and her skin over her shoulders is grey, when she was younger (around 6 months) it was very dark grey now it's a medium to light grey. The quills haven't noticeably changed. Maybe if she's algerian it would explain the dark skin, but she looks white belly to me, her forehead quills are double banded.[attachment=2:10d4j4rt]quills.jpg[/attachment:10d4j4rt] [attachment=1:10d4j4rt]walking - Copy.JPG[/attachment:10d4j4rt][attachment=0:10d4j4rt]skin.jpg[/attachment:10d4j4rt]


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I would guess she is a black eyed cinnicot.
Yes, with the extra pictures she definitely looks more like a brown.
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