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Hmm I don't know about the pedialyte. Hopefully Lillysmommy or one of the admins will answer soon in regards to that.

I just thougt I'd ask what kind of food your hedgehog is on? Does he get any treats? If so, what kind? I know that certain foods can cause VERY stinky poop, so I wonder if some of what he is eating might be contributing to the stinky pee.

It is possible he might have an infection of some sort, or a kidney problem. It might not hurt to see a vet about it, since I know pee that stinks THAT bad really isn't normal.

Does he drink from a water bottle or a bowl? Sometimes hedgehogs don't get enough water out of a water bottle which can cause all sorts of problems. If he is on a water bottle, try switching to a bowl. You could leave the bottle in and put a bowl of water under the bottle at first, so he knows where his water is. If he is using a bowl, you could measure how much you put in and then measure it again in the morning to see how much he really is drinking.

Hope someone answers your question soon!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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