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Is My Hedgie Home ok?

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if the picture came in right, does this look ok? I know I don't have any toys in there, but I don't actually have the hedgehog yet...

*edit: I don't think I did the picture right.... but I can't seem to get it small enough that I can attach it. Can someone please explain how to do it correctly for me??
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Here we go... now you can see it :D
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The little one that I am getting will be 8 weeks old. I haven't been able to find anywhere around here that sells coroplast, is there anything else that I could use? Yes it is a dog kennel because I can't afford buying a cage. On one side of it, my turtle's aquarium, so I don't think he could get out there... but I really would love to find something (safe) to put around the cage to make sure he stays home.

I do want to at least try to litter train him, but I realized the litter box I bought was waaaaay too small :roll: so it might be more of a litter area... would that even work?
LizardGirl said:
If you can't afford a proper cage, can you afford any vet bills that will come up?
Yes I can. Money is just tight right now and I don't want to use the money I have set aside for the vet. I figured modifying the kennel I have to make it hedgie friendly and keeping my vet fund would be better than losing part or all of my vet fund to buy a cage...
I have some (new) nylon rope that I had started to weave in the bars.... but thought it might end up at more of a heath hazard than a safety measure... I hadn't thought of place mats, thanks :D
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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